Installation and development


scikit-multimodallearn works with Python 3.5 or later.

scikit-multimodallearn depends on scikit-learn (version >= 0.19) and cvxopt.

Optionally, matplotlib is required when running the examples.


scikit-multimodallearn* is `available on PyPI <>`_ and can be installed using **pip:

pip install multimodalboost

If you prefer to install directly from the source code, clone the Git repository of the project and run the file with the following commands:

git clone
cd multimodalboost
python install

or alternatively use pip:

pip install git+


The development of scikit-multimodallearn follows the guidelines provided by the scikit-learn community.

Refer to the Developer’s Guide of the scikit-learn project for general details. Expanding the library can be done by following the template provided in Estimator template .

Source code

You can get the source code from the Git repository of the project:

git clone


pytest and pytest-cov are required to run the test suite with:


A code coverage report is displayed in the terminal when running the tests. An HTML version of the report is also stored in the directory htmlcov.

Generating the documentation

The generation of the documentation requires sphinx, sphinx-gallery, numpydoc and matplotlib and can be run with:

python build_sphinx

The resulting files are stored in the directory build/sphinx/html.